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If you need a web page that generates constant traffic to appear in the first places of Google’s search results, we have the solution. We are a Digital Marketing Agency specialized in web development and Search Engine Optimization, so your website will generate results from the first moment.


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How We Develop Your Website

We do an in-depth briefing, which consists of knowing our clients and the services or products they offer very well. Through an in-depth interview conducted between our Digital Marketing Agency and the client, we can learn in detail the service or product that will be promoted. Likewise, we inquire who the competition is, what the conditions are of a particular market, what your sales team likes, and most importantly: we help you to define together the objectives of your brand.
We provide advice to our clients by identifying the keywords people use to search for their service or product on Google. We evaluate the search intention of those keywords and then we create a better website content. We show the volume of monthly searches, so the client has a clear idea of how much demand there is in the market for his product or service.
We prepare the content of the entire website based on the most popular keywords associated with the service, but especially, based on the user experience. At our Digital Marketing Agency, we focus on providing visitors with a solution to their needs, creating useful and valuable content that can be easily found on the website. This content includes texts and images.
Once the content (text and images) has been developed, we proceed to do the web development; we work on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System), which is currently the friendliest CMS with Google. This web development is designed based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is, we make sure that the page has all the necessary technical requirements so that Google can easily understand it. Technical issues like loading speed, URL optimization and site architecture are the keys for an effective website.
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