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E-mail marketing today is a highly effective communication channel with the customer. Due to its high degree of personalization, it allows a level of empathy and closeness with the reader. It is also one of the channels with the best ROI or return on investment, which is why in our Digital Marketing Agency we always recommend it as part of the strategy.


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E-mail marketing automation

How We Create E-mail Marketing Campaigns:

When the company has a database, we identify the audience we want to reach and, based on that, we develop the most appropriate content.
If the company does not have a database or needs to expand it, we design an attraction strategy to obtain more contacts that allow better results when launching the campaign.
We automate the entire process of sending e-mails so that repetitive tasks are done by software. Our digital marketing agency spends time just on creating a winning message.
We launch the campaign and then we evaluate the results. Based on these results, we design better messages to increase opening rates in each campaign.

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